Ashok Leyland Eyeing To Launch Dost With LHD Option In Middle East African Markets

Caption:-   Dost, a highly popular light commercial vehicle with left hand drive option will be served to the Middle East and African markets.

Recently, Ashok Leyland, Hinduja group flagship corporation is engaged in testing of  “Dost”, a highly popular light commercial vehicle with left hand drive option. The firm plans to serve the vehicle to the Middle East and African markets as per a top official of the firm.

Moreover, the corporation recently retails a range of light commercial vehicles for domestic and overseas under “Dost” brand with right hand drive option.

According to Dheeraj Hinduja, the Executive Chairman of Ashok Leyland said that the left hand drive is not from the electric version however it is from current (diesel) version which the company is looking to sale in the Middle East and African markets.

Moreover, he stated that the team of  international operation was recently engaged in testing the products to serve the overseas markets which have left hand drive options.

When enquired about the product likely to be launched, he replied that at this point of time, he haven’t  have a date.

Furthermore, he told the media that all the effort on the whole “Bada Dost” and AVTR range is to ensure that all the new products within the company line up are available with left hand drive version and may go to many markets where the company is not available before.

Hinduja said that the company would initiate the electric version of Dost brand vehicles sometime in the upcoming year.

He also said that in the middle of 2023 for the domestic market, the company is looking forward of launching electric dost and Bada Dost.

The company has witnessed rise in the sales of light commercial vehicles by 28 percent to 17,040 units as against 13,328 units in the same period of the previous financial year.

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