Fake or Break

The Automotive Component Industry is plagued by Spurious Manufacturers trying to eat into your genuine parts market-share sales. 5 out of 10 serious injuries happen due to the usage of Fake Automotive Component spare parts fitted knowingly or unknowingly by mechanics and sold by the dealer network.

Surprised? Time for Action.

How do Fakes reach the Market?

This could be in connivance with an old packaging vendor of yours who is still using your packaging plates and dyes to manufacture your brand’s look-alike packs/pouches or a disgruntled ex-employee of yours just up to some mischief.

How do we Counter?

Our trained IP Rights team has the capacity to verify Original from Fake using various scientific techniques in their state of the art labs and will provide you with the exact report. If you also wish we could propagate the results over digital media and let customers know the difference between the Fake and Original one.

We also conduct surprise raids in association with Government Legal statuatory bodies.

Step 1– Identify the area of counterfeit products

Step 2– Fill up a small form

Step 3– Our Legal team will visit you to collect samples of Original vs Fake

Step 4– Verification of Data at our Labs

Step 5– Action Areas will be put forward to you to decide on the level of Action you wish to take on the Fake Company and how to engage in your Brand Protection for the future.

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