iGowise is all set to launch its new SUV Ebike – Trigo BX4

Get ready for the launch of SUV Ebike – Trigo BX4 to claim exclusive benefits

iGowise Mobility is geared up to launch its new two-wheeler EV model Trigo BX4 for the Indian Market by January 26th 2023.

According to the company, the new model is targeted at urban Indian families who value the space, safety and comfort of an SUV. This upcoming SUV Ebike is expected to be targeted at Indian families and will be competitively priced.

Moreover, this model will be available in 3 different variants. iGowise Mobility has also stated that there is no compromise on the battery size and range. The expected base price for Trigo BX4 will be around 1.1 to 1.2 lakh.

Additionally, it states that the SUV Ebike can cover 145 kilometres on a single full charge. The bike’s top speed is 75 KMPH, and its maximum torque is 180 Nm.

Self-stabilisation at low speeds and intelligent auto-swivelling at high speeds for optimal stability and manoeuvrability are some of the features of this model. In addition to this, the bike gets a 6-inch integrated smart display and sensible smart charging with a 15 Amps Hyper fast Onboard Charger that can be plugged into any existing port.

The company stated that this model aims to bridge the compromise which users have to face on daily basis between a car’s comfort and safety versus a two-wheeler’s convenience, agility and ease of parking.

According to the CEO of iGowise Mobility, Sravan Appana stated that as a country we are progressing towards a greener and cleaner future however we continue to ignore the myriad of challenges faced by two-wheelers users on the ground today. The safety and comfort of two-wheelers are a must for people to embrace sustainable mobility.

In addition to this, the company stated that the pioneers and early adopters will get a chance to pre-book it through the Invite-only referral program. First 5000 customers will get a chance to enjoy exclusive benefits such as extended warranties, free accessories and guaranteed resale or buy-back options.

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