India Gets Its First Geared Electric Motorbike: Prices Features And More

Caption:-  Let’s dig out the insights about lastest launch out of the India’s first electric motorbike.

Matter Energy, a Ahmedabad based startup has inaugurated its first electric motorbike in India. Entitled as the 22nd century motorbike, the product comes with a 5 kWh power pack and is furnished with active liquid cooling technology.

However, the firm has not disclosed the name of the motorcycle.

The features of the new product is a muscular design with sturdy looks. It comes in four colour shades – grey and neon, blue and gold, black and gold and red/black/white. It also features LED lights with auto cancelling indicators. The seats of the bike are split with raised clip on handlebars and split grab rail.

Moreover, the battery capacity of the bike is 5kWh which the firm terms as MatterEnergy 1.0. The bike can be plugged into a 5A socket to power up. For full charge, the bike takes upto 5 hours.

To ensure the safety of the bike, it  consists of Smart Battery Management System (BMS) . Additionally, the bike also possess components such as active liquid cooling system and an integrated intelligent thermal management system to regulate it’s temperature.

The peak torque delivered by the bike is 520Nm. There are three different ride modes of the bike – Sport, Eco and City.

Additionally, the motorcycle includes twin channel ABS and a traditional 4 speed transmission. A 7.0-inch touch-enabled LCD screen is included. Turn-by-turn directions, notification alerts, and music playback are all displayed on the screen.

Moreover, it offers intelligent app controls like push navigation, remote lock and unlock, and others. Plus, it has a push-button start feature, park assist, and reverse capabilities. The theft detection, charge percentage, and riding data of the Matter Energy motorcycle are further significant features.

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