Road Safety Will Be Accorded Priority By 50 Rtos In Maharashtra: Transport Commissioner

Caption:-   In order to curb road crashes, “Road Safety” will be the authorised prime concern across Maharashtra

According to Vivek Bhimanwar, road safety will be the authorised prime concern by all the 50 RTOs across the Maharashtra.

To observe World Day Remembrance, he was speaking on an event at Tardeo RTO for road traffic victims. The World Day Remembrance is marked on the third Sunday of November every year to remember all the people who were killed and seriously injured on the roads.

He also stated that the RTO officials should implement more enforcement drives and to limit the road crashes. He has instructed the subordinates to prioritise road safety campaigns.

Furthermore, he added that human error often causes problems, therefore it is important to keep it to a minimum. All motorists on state, federal, and expressways must be penalised immediately.

Participants at the event include Nitin Dossa from the Western India Automobile Association and RTO officials and road safety specialists. Additionally, they swore against breaking driving laws. In collaboration with the MSRDC, the highway police, and other organisations, the RTO intends to conduct drives.

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