Tesla’s California EV Market Share Slips as Rivals Set Up

With the sale of new models by the rivals, Tesla’s dominant EV market share in California slips again

Based on the government data from January to September, Tesla’s dominant market share in California slipped again this year as the rivals game up.

According to new vehicle registration data from the California Energy Commission, Tesla controlled 73% of the battery electric market in California from January to September, the lowest level since 2018. In 2021, the company had a share of 75% whereas, in 2020, it is 79%.

As per Reuters’ calculation, the company sales in California accounted for 15% of the automaker’s global deliveries in the previous year.

California is the biggest US state for zero-emission vehicles which also includes a hydrogen fuel cell and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and accounts for 18% of new car sales in California this year.

The company has sold more electric vehicles in this key market than during the same period in the previous year. However, rivals including Hyundai Motor stepped up sales of newer models which gives buyers more choices.

Tesla also topped brand consideration this year, with 53% of potential electric vehicle purchasers as per a study by California Consultancy Auto Pacific. However, the company was down from 58% in the previous survey last year.

According to Ed Kim, president of AutoPacific, “Tesla market share in California is reaching saturation point”.

Ed Kim’s estimates that competitors will keep stealing market share is completely the opposite of his expectation for an increase in Tesla sales.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s acceptance of Republicans and pursuit of Twitter have raised questions about Tesla’s brand, particularly in liberal regions like California.

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